Nu-Crowns: The Best Method for Dental Crowns

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Dentistry continues to develop new technologies that help patients preserve their teeth and overall oral health. At Centra Dental in South Houston, we utilize these new medical breakthroughs to better serve you and your family. It is our primary goal to ensure you have a beautiful and healthy smile. One of those dental breakthroughs is the usage of Nu-Crowns.

For patients with weak teeth or deep cavities, Nu-Crowns can strengthen and revitalize a smile. Dental crowns are one of the most common types of dental procedures performed. Crowns are used to save existing teeth from further decay and enable a patient to return to the normality of chewing and speaking as if their teeth had always been healthy.

Dental crowns have allowed patients the opportunity to save their existing teeth on a long term basis, rather than having to opt to have their teeth pulled due to decay.


Nu-Crowns have taken the existing dental crown technology and expanded it to simplify the process of utilizing crowns. Here are several ways Nu-Crowns have simplified the dental crown procedure:

  • Dental Margins - Nu-Crowns provide extreme accuracy when it comes to aligning new dental crowns to the rest of the existing teeth. Due to excess resin in these crowns, our dentists are able to choose from two or three different crowns to fit each tooth. This allows for more accurate fitting.
  • Close Contact - Teeth need to be close together in order to help prevent food particles from becoming stuck or from allowing individual teeth to become weakened. Close neighboring teeth strengthens all of the teeth, and this is one of the benefits of Nu-Crowns. Nu-Crowns ensure there is close contact with neighboring teeth.
  • Occlusion - When the mouth closes, both jaw lines should be aligning correctly. There should be no unevenness with the teeth, which is called malocclusion. Malocclusion can cause stress on certain teeth in the mouth due to all of the pressure being placed on them. Due to this, those teeth can become weakened and even begin to break down. Nu-Crowns helps create a perfect alignment and alleviates those problems.
  • Faster Procedure - Since Nu-Crowns allow for dentists to choose from several crowns, it enables the procedure to be performed quicker. Along with the dental procedure being conducted in a more timely manner, Nu-Crowns also are more economical.


If you are suffering from deep cavities or weak teeth, then Nu-Crowns may be exactly what you need. Our Centra Dental dentists will provide a thorough examination of your teeth to conclude precisely your dental needs. You may simply need dental fillings or you may require dental crowns. Our dentists will discuss what is needed for you to continue with the best oral health possible. Contact our office today and schedule your dental appointment.


What to Do with Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth. It’s strange that we call them this since more often than not, we recommend having them removed. Although we are figuratively removing wisdom, at Centra Dental, we think it’s a really smart move.

Wisdom teeth are molars at the end of the line on all four corners of the jawline. There are various reasons why our dentists at Centra Dental recommend these teeth being removed.

Reasons to remove wisdom teeth:

Out of Line - Wisdom teeth often become problematic for our dental patients because they can grow too high compared to the other molars. When this happens, it creates trauma to the teeth and gums. Patients often complain of pain from the wisdom teeth.

Crowding - Sometimes the wisdom teeth can cause crowding of the molars, which can lead to discomfort, pain, and swelling of the gums. The problem could worsen by causing a shift in the teeth. If your wisdom teeth are creating havoc on your other molars, then we recommend you coming in soon to have them removed.

Hard to Maintain - Wisdom teeth, since they are so far in the back of your mouth, can be difficult to reach and properly clean. When teeth aren’t properly cleaned consistently, plaque begins to build up, food particles are missed, and cavities begin to take root. Cavities that go untreated can lead to much bigger problems and can become very painful. If your wisdom teeth aren’t receiving the proper care because they are difficult to reach and maintain, then you may want to consider having them removed.

Post-Orthodontic - There have been times that wisdom teeth come in late, after someone has received braces. Because of the force of these teeth, they can negate the positive results of having had braces. They can actually move your teeth back to being misaligned or crooked, requiring dental patients to receive further orthodontic work.


Your wisdom teeth may be a problem and you don’t even know it. Some patients don’t even notice their wisdom teeth until it they become a problem. Having our dentist at Centra Dental examine your oral condition and conduct an X-ray to see the status of your wisdom teeth can ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy.

If your wisdom teeth are hurting you, then contact us today and schedule your dental appointment to have them removed.


Sedation: The Calming Effect for Dentistry

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Patients are typically nervous when they come to the dentist. For that reason, we specialize in providing various forms of sedation to help our guests relax.

At Centra Dental, our primary goal is to ensure that every Houston dental patient has a great experience. Our staff works hard everyday to make the process of receiving dental care easy and seamless. From appointment to procedure, our patients know they are in good hands regardless of what oral needs they have: be it a dental cleaning, dental fillings, dental crowns, or oral surgery.


During many of our dental procedures that come with the possibility of pain, we numb the affected area so the patient won’t feel anything during the procedure. Although we remove the possibility of pain in the area, it doesn’t always remove a patient’s nervousness or anxiety.

Depending on the patient and their needs, we apply certain levels of sedation to calm the guest so that they can be at ease throughout the entire procedure. The age ranges of dental patients at Centra Dental are vast. From small children to senior citizens, we are certain to ask about their levels of nervousness before the start of the procedure. After ascertaining this information, we apply our sedation accordingly until the patient is ready to begin the procedure.

It is Christmas-time, but we promise our sedatives aren’t anything like what the Grinch offers. Our sedation methods are pain-free experiences.

The reason we take such measures is because we understand the value of first impressions. We want every dental patients’ experience to be a positive one, regardless of how many times they’ve come to see us and regardless of what procedure it is. Every impression is important, but ensuring the first impression is a positive one creates a strong sense of immediate trust and comfort. Achieving this and then building upon that experience is paramount to us.


If you are in need of dental work, even before Christmas arrives, contact us today and make your appointment.


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