As with anywhere in the medical community, patients aren’t exactly excited about making their visits, even to the dentist. There are some patients who are downright nervous and anxious about undergoing any type of dental procedure. For this reason we offer various forms of sedation from oral to IV.

At Centra Dental, we want all of our patients to feel at ease before undergoing any type of dental procedure, even if it is a simple dental cleaning or as complex as dental implants. Sedation is a way to ensure our patients, whether child or adult, are relaxed and comfortable in the dentist chair. 

Why We Use Sedation 

Just like in the rest of the human body, there are plenty of nerve endings in the mouth. This is why when a patient has a cavity, especially a deep cavity, there is pain that comes with the problem. The nerve endings alert the patient to a problem. Once the problem is discovered, there really is no reason to endure the pain of it, which is why we numb that area. As highly experienced dentists, we understand that just because a patient can’t feel the pain, doesn’t mean they aren’t anxious or hesitant about taking care of the problem.

Especially for children, the idea of a dental procedure is scary despite there being nothing to be frightened about. In order to keep them calm and allow our dentists to perform their best work, we advise a nervous patient, or the parent of a nervous patient, to use sedation. Some sedations simply relax the patient, while stronger sedations, which are sometimes necessary, allow the patient to fall asleep and not experience the procedure at all.

Patient Trust and Confidence

Before any dental procedure, our pediatric dentist or general dentist will explain the dental procedure, what will take place, and the necessity and benefits of sedation. Of course, we ask the patient about their level of ease before the procedure. There are some patients who are fine with simply numbing the affected area and undergoing the procedure, like a tooth extraction, root canal, or dental fillings, without sedation. It is always up to the patient regarding the use of oral or IV sedation and how much is used.

The trust and confidence of the patient in our work is imperative to how we operate Centra Dental. Our Houston dentist office succeeds strictly through the success of every patient procedure and that includes how at ease they are during the operation. If you are searching for a dentist in the Houston area that truly cares about their patients, then contact us today, schedule your appointment, and allow us to provide you with a beautiful and healthy smile.